Deer spends 4th of July weekend cooling off at the beach in Michigan

How did you spend your 4th of July weekend?

Eating hot dog? Painting a massive American flag on your front lawn to honor soldiers?

Or maybe you took it easy and spent the long weekend relaxing by the water.

Many people took advantage of the blue skies and warm weather at Saugatuck State Park in Michigan on July 6. Beachgoers lined the shores of the state park to swim in Lake Michigan.

And they were joined by an unlikely guest–a young buck.

Katie Papke captured the moment on camera.

According to Katie, the white-tailed buck ventured out of the brush on top of the sand dunes and joined those sunning themselves.

The deer reportedly waded in the water for 30 minutes before leaving the beachgoers to enjoy their day. But before he left he made sure to lick a girl’s leg and search for some snacks in someone’s bag.

“Did the Fourth of July Fireworks bring him out? Acclimated to humans or just naive?” Katie wrote on YouTube.

Some comments have wondered if the deer is sick, while one suggested this particular deer is known for interacting with people, especially at the park’s disc golf course.

What a sight! Can you imagine being at the lake and all of a sudden a deer walks right up to you?

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