Curious baby koala climbs onto man’s arm and doesn’t want to leave

Those lucky residents of Australia get to witness firsthand the extreme cuteness of koalas.

Native to the continent these cuddly marsupials, often incorrectly referred to as bears, like to sleep all day in tree branches, feasting on eucalyptus leaves and live to be around 20 years old in the wild.

One young man was lucky enough to get up and close and personal with these beautiful creatures when he offered a baby koala a leaf to munch on while sitting on his mom’s back.

Thankfully someone was filming the adorable encounter and posted it on YouTube. It’s been viewed by over 7 million people who can’t get enough of this adorable baby. The look on the young man’s face when he climbs up onto his arm is priceless.

YouTube Screenshot / Meagan Pfitzner

The young man was out walking in Adelaide, Australia when he spotted the Koala bear on the back of his mom’s back while she drank water from a stream.

He holds out a eucalyptus leaf to the baby to munch on while he’s waiting for his mom to finish her drink, but what the koala does next is completely unexpected.

The baby koala not only gets off his mom’s back but climbs onto the man’s arm and his expression is priceless. One user on YouTube even commented that the koala looked like he had a smile on his face.


“Did anyone else notice the huge smile on the baby’s face when he made it to the top of dude’s arm?!” The user wrote.

The trust this koala shows is surprising as these animals live in the wild. Perhaps the efforts the people of Australia have made to help the koala population during and after the devastating bush fires have instilled a new trust between these animals and humans.

See the adorable moment in the clip below.

Such an adorable union. This young man is so lucky to get this close to such a wonderful animal.

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