Baby koala rescued by a dog is now on the road to recovery

Baby koala rescued by a dog is now on the road to recovery

The bushfires in Australia have taken a major toll on the continent’s wildlife. In particular the koala population, already endangered, has suffered a major loss in population, with 25,000 killed in the flames.

But luckily, plenty of people have been working hard to rescue and protect the surviving koalas. One hopeful story is is a reminder that with a little love and care, these koalas can get a second chance at life.

In September, a koala joey was found and rescued by a dog named Keli. The koala was brought to Koala Hospital Port Macquarie in New South Wales.

They named the koala Keli, after the dog who saved her.

The young koala had an advanced fungal infection. The rescue wrote that it’s likely the mother was also ill, or removed Keli from her pouch because of the infection. He was underweight at only 275 grams.

Despite the setbacks, the hospital was optimistic about Keli’s chances of recovery.

“It will be a long process, and we are confident that he will develop into a healthy koala before release into the wild,” Koala Hospital wrote on Facebook.

Introducing our new joey in home care. He was found by, and named after, a dog named Keli. Koala Street Keli presented…

Posted by Koala Hospital Port Macquarie on Thursday, September 19, 2019

On January 2, the rescue posted an update about Keli, saying his health has improved.

His weight has gone up to 1 kg, his fungal infection is gone and his fur is regrowing.

The hospital is waiting for him to grow to 2.5 kg, at which time they will help him prepare to be released back into the wild once the weather is cooler.

But while he still has some ways to go, Koala Hospital shared the update as a story of hope in light of the horrific bushfires affecting the koalas.

“Just a brighter moment in all the tragedy in Australia at the moment we wanted to share something good,” they wrote on Facebook.

With the fires depleting the koala population, it’s important that we do our best to save every one we can.

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