Couple is confused by paralyzed police in the road – until they take a closer look at his feet and all is revealed

Drivers who traveled through Prince George County, in the US, this week experienced a real rain storm — and amidst this rainstorm, a rather strange sight. In the middle of the road stood a completely still police officer named Sharnise Hawkins-Graham.

Carolyn Hammett and her husband were two of the drivers who stopped the car to check on the officer, who seemed to need help.

But it was not the police who needed help. It was a little turtle that was on the move.

The image below shows exactly what Carolyn and her husband saw. A police, in the middle of the road, stood still and was looking down, possibly in need of a helping hand. But Officer Sharnise Hawkins-Graham didn’t need help.

It was someone else that did.

As the couple drove closer, they saw that the police was smiling, despite the pouring rain. Carolyn’s husband jumped out of the car to offer the police an umbrella. That’s when he realized that officer Sharnise was protecting a snapping turtle that was trying to cross the road.

Animal hero

Officer Shamise told the couple that she was afraid that the turtle would be run over. So, she left her warm dry car to stand in the middle of the road and protect it.

Because handling snapping turtles can be dangerous, she’d phoned animal control authorities for help but they had not shown up yet.

Carolyn and her husband decided to pitch in and help. They grabbed a shovel they had and gently lifted the turtle, then brought it to a wild area away from traffic. The police thanked the couple for their help and continued on with her work.

Carolyn meanwhile says she could not stop thinking about the police’s heroism and decided to share this wonderful story — and we’re sure glad she did. 

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