Couple adopt abandoned deer: Watch when she meets the family's cat for the first time

FOTO: Youtube

Couple adopt abandoned deer: Watch when she meets the family’s cat for the first time

Deer are amazingly beautiful creatures which we don’t get the privilege of seeing very often. They tend to be very shy and often run away if they see a human coming toward them.

But the fact is, deer and humans can live together in perfect harmony, they can even bond and become best friends with other animals!

PHOTO: Youtube

One day, couple Tony and Amanda came across something very unusual when they returned to their house in Canada. Outside the entrance door stood a cute little fawn, all alone. For some unknown reason, she was not with her mother.

Pretty soon they noticed that this beautiful creature didn’t want to leave their house, which left confused couple Tony and Amanda with no other choice than to take care of her!

They called her Hoppy and this majestic creature quickly became a faithful friend to the couple – and their cat. However, they were somewhat unsure how Hoppy would react to the fact that there was a cat in the house.

Wonderful meeting

But never could they have imagined the amazing friendship that would develop between this unlikely couple! It turned out Hoppy and the cat became best friends!

Tony and Amanda also have a website where they have documented Hoppy’s life with the family.

Just watch the wonderful clip when Hoppy is introduced to the cat. I can guarantee you that you have not seen anything like this before! Feel free to share the article if you also loved seeing this amazing meeting!