Cashier catches four-legged shoplifter in the act

A series of mysterious thefts had taken place in a small family-owned convenience store in Toronto, Canada. The owners discovered that chocolate bars were being stolen regularly — even when there weren’t any customers in the store.

So for a long time the case of the missing chocolate remained a mystery — until one day the shoplifter was caught in the act.

And it wasn’t at all who anyone had expected…

It turned out that a gang of squirrels was behind the thefts.

The squirrels had figured out that they could get into the store when the doors were open. And the chocolate bar were conveniently placed on the bottom shelf by the store’s entrance — within reach of their little paws.

They learned where the chocolate was

Cindy Kim, one of the shop’s owners, acknowledges that they were at fault. Her dad had previously fed the squirrels right outside the store, and squirrels in the neighborhood used to visit the store to eat, she tells The Dodo.

So when her dad stopped putting out food for the squirrels, the squirrels simply found another source of food.


Cindy says that the squirrels stole around 40 chocolate bar last fall. The family has figured out when the squirrels usually come by, and sometimes, they chase them away. But the squirrels are smart and still manage to steal chocolate every now and then.

I couldn’t help laugh when I saw the shoplifting squirrel in the video below, although I understand that it’s hard for the shop’s owners with all the lost chocolate.

I suggest they start putting food outside the store for the squirrels again. They might lose less chocolate — and the squirrels will get better food in their stomachs, too!

Watch a video of one of the squirrels stealing chocolate here:

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