Middle school student brings bearded dragon to school so he wouldn’t be “sad at home”

At the beginning of the school year it’s not uncommon for children, especially the little ones who are off to school for the firs time, to miss their parents or pets during the school day.

It can be scary to be alone for the first time. Sometimes they just need to a familiar face to let them know everything is going to be OK.

But what about the parents and pets? How do they feel when their little buddies leave for the day?

According to one middle school student who attends Bay District Schools in Florida, they’re sad.

On Monday, a bearded dragon was discovered to be hiding in a student’s backpack. The school shared on Facebook that they rehoused the reptile in a USPS box until an adult was able to come to school to pick up the bearded dragon named Jango.

Parents, we love pets just as much as anyone but a backpack (Vera Bradley no less) is not a good place for a bearded…

Posted by Bay District Schools on Monday, September 9, 2019

When asked why the student brought she pet to school, she said she didn’t want him to be sad and alone all day, so she brought him to school to keep him company.

Although an extremely sweet gesture, Bay District Schools reminded parents to check their children’s backpacks before they head out the door for any stowaways.

Facebook/Bay District Schools

Jango is currently back at home and reportedly “super tired” after his first, and most likely last, day of school.

Have one of your children or grandchildren ever brought a pet to school?

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