7th grader gets photobombed by a snake in her back-to-school photo

First day back at school after a long summer break in the U.S. is usually met with nerves, excitement and the obligatory photograph.

Brooke Mills was getting ready to start her first day in seventh grade when her mom asked for a photo before she left for school.

Brooke happily obliged and stood next to a tree outside their home in Auburn, Alabama.

But when her mom took a look at the photo she couldn’t believe what was lurking in the background.

There, right next to her, stretched out along the tree trunk was a snake looking straight at her.

Well 7th grade here she comes. Appears a friend wanted to go with her. Lucky for brooke he looked like his belly was…

Posted by Kage Fit on Thursday, August 8, 2019

“It blended so well I looked harder and realized what was there,” Brooke’s mom Joy Mills told The Dodo. 

Joy remained calm and waited until her daughter was a safe distance from the tree before she broke the news.

‘Just how close it was’

Her daughter was shocked at being photobombed by a snake.

“When she realized what was behind her, she was speechless,” Joy said.

“We couldn’t believe it when we looked at my phone at the pics and just how close he was and we had no idea.”

At least it’s something unique for her back-to-school picture that nobody else can beat.

snake photobomb

Of all the back-to-school pictures I’ve seen this has to be my favorite.

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