Pet tortoise tossed out window by Dallas tornado found alive buried under rubble

The Folmnsbees consider themselves lucky. After a night where several tornadoes ripped through North Texas, their home suffered minimal damage, compared to others.

“We were very blessed, very fortunate, the whole neighborhood, we’re so fortunate,” Danna told WFAA.

But there was one member of the family that gave everyone, especially 10-year-old Owen a big scare.

As the EF-3 tornado passed by the Folmnsbees’ home, it left behind debris and it also took with it Owen’s pet tortoise, Bolt.

“I was really nervous,” Owen said. “Cause the chances of him surviving and falling out of a window were pretty slim.”

During the storm, Bolt’s cage flew off Owen’s dresser, out his second-floor bedroom window, and crashed to the ground.

“His cage was all mangled with broken glass and they thought for sure he was dead,” the 10-year-old said.

Bolt, a Christmas present Owen received two years ago, wasn’t in his cage. Owen had no idea where he was. As the family searched through the rubble, they eventually found the tortoise buried under piles of debris.

The tortoise was alive, though he was quite traumatized. Owen said it took his pet a few days to return to his normal self, and now he hopes Bolt lives a long, long life.

I’m so glad Bolt survived the tornado! And I’m with Owen, I hope Bolt lives a very long life. He certainly deserves it.

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