Man sees something moving in the flames and runs in – watch when the camera zooms in and he picks up the tiny living creature

California is being shaken by a fire that has so far destroyed large forest areas. Over 230,000 people have been forced to flee due to fire ‘Thomas’ – and thousands of US homes are threatened by the flames. Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, has called for a state of emergency.

The fire began on Monday but it wasn’t until Wednesday that it picked up speed.

#ThomasFire [update] Hwy 150 and Hwy 126, north of Santa Paula (Ventura County) is now 96,000 acres and 5% contained….

Posted by CAL FIRE on Thursday, 7 December 2017

Authorities have advised residents in several affected areas to be prepared to flee their homes at any moment.

But all the danger and chaos did not stop an anonymous hero from rushing into the flames when he saw a small and distressed animal — right on Ventura Country highway.

An eyewitness captured the dramatic series of events that unfolded on camera — and the video is now, understandably, going viral.

In the video, you see the anonymous man wearing shorts and a hooded sweatshirt is standing by the roadside. He has apparently spotted a small animal stranded by the road.

He could not leave the poor helpless animal alone to such a cruel fate. He stops, steps out into the flames and risks his own life to save the tiny animal.

At first it seems that the witness doesn’t really understand what the brave hero is about to do. But after a while it becomes clear that he has every intention of saving the poor animal’s life. The video reveals he is soon successful as he holds up the rescued little animal to make sure it is ok.

Watch the video for yourself below, and discover what he rescues right out of the flames.

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