Woman finds dying horse in a ditch, looks closer and sees the horrific signs

We’ve all had moments that we refer to as “fate.”  It could be the moment that a job opportunity came our way, or we crossed paths with the person that would become our best friend; these times are unforgettable.

For Kelsey, her moment was a seemingly uneventful morning walking to a horse swap meet in Illinois with her mom.

Her mom had decided to take a route they wouldn’t normally take and it was on that journey that she noticed something on the roadside.

A horse was lying in the grass, unable to move and close to death. It was then that Kelsey knew the reason she had taken that particular path.

Kelsey knew she had to get the horse back to their stables but she wouldn’t get in the trailer. It was then that the weak horse just fell down in a ditch.

“We didn’t think she was going to make it,” Kelsey said. “We just felt so bad for her…this overwhelming sadness.”

There was nothing else that Kelsey could do but walk the horse back to her home — 9 miles away.

Image source: Youtube/TravisAProbst

The horse was starving and possibly abused; she’d escaped her home to find food.

As the horse was too scared to get in the trailer and then too weak to stand up, Kelsey had to guide her and encourage her to walk home with her.

It took four hours to get the horse home

“For her(the horse) to just lay there, she’d just given up,” Kelsey said.

Kelsey walked the 9 miles home with the needy horse. It took them four hours and Kelsey said her pain in walking that distance was nothing compared to what this poor horse was going through.

Image source: Youtube/TravisAProbst

This poor horse had whip marks, an eye swollen shut, his back bone was sticking out and his back legs were rubbed raw.

Kelsey was shocked at the sight of him.

“What kind of person can do that to an animal, willingly go to bed every night knowing they’re out there starving,” Kelsey said.

Image source: Youtube/TravisAProbst

They finally reached home, but the horse wasn’t safe yet. Kelsey slept in the barn with him for five nights, waking up every hour to check he was okay.

She called him ‘Sunny’, and never left his side until she knew he was going to make it — and he did.

Image source: Youtube/TravisAProbst

The bond between these two grows every day; Kelsey is training Sunny and expects him to make a full recovery.

It was fate that led Kelsey to Sunny that day; she was on that path for a reason.

See more of this wonderful story in the clip below.

Thank goodness Kelsey was on that quiet road, in time to save this beautiful animal.

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