Little girl gets stuck in the snow – the horse’s reaction will melt your heart

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes. They can even be a different species.

Meet a little girl named Emma. She found her best buddy in a horse named Cinnamon. Not only is Cinnamon big, she has a huge heart.

Even as a little baby, Justin Dunn’s daughter, Emma, spent time with Cinnamon and the other horses on their family farm in Colorado.

Justin works as a horse breeder, so it was natural for Emma to always be surrounded by horses. But, Emma and Cinnamon share a particularly special bond.


Best friends

Justin started filming his daughter when she was with Cinnamon. He wanted to capture their unique bond on film.

Even though Emma just is a little girl, Cinnamon behaves perfectly for her and follows her wherever she goes.


Following calmly

In this adorable video, we see Emma walk alongside Cinnamon in the snow. Like any child, she wanders a bit and walks slowly compared to a horse. She definitely has her own speed!

However, Cinnamon stays calm and never loses patience with the tiny girl.


Stuck in the snow

At one point, Emma gets a little stuck in the snow, but Cinnamon immediately stops at and helps her by gently pushing with her nose.

In this heartwarming moment, it’s easy to see that these two are truly best friends.



At one point in the video, Justin asks if Emma likes her horse.

She answers proudly, “Yes, her name is Cinnamon!”

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