Pregnant horse gives birth: Now watch mom’s reaction when she sees foal walk for 1st time

I’m sure every mom will agree, seeing your newborn baby for the first time is one of the most beautiful moments in life.

And that goes for animals just as much as for people.

In a clip that’s been viewed over 7 thousand times on Facebook, we see the magical moment that a newborn foal finds its feet for the first time.

An animal lover assists the little guy in standing up, and the mom carefully watches as her newborn gets some help.

Finally, when the foal is on its feet, mom gets to meet her new family member for the first time.


When us humans get to hold our babies for the first time, we often cuddle a lot to form a bond.

Animal moms, on the other hand, immediately start to lick their newborns to leave their scent on the little ones.

This horse is no exception. Immediately she begins to lick her foal.


Then the assistant helps the foal to rise and stand steadily on its legs.

Mom continues to lick, and it doesn’t take long until the foal is on its feet.

Soon they’re galloping around the field, ready to begin their new life together!


The mom and her foal have an immediate bond after the birth – you can really see how much love there is between them.

It’s just so beautiful to witness the miracle of life!

Watch the clip for yourself below:


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