Owner sends her 2 horses out in snow: Their unexpected reaction has whole internet in stitches

Most of us has been battling through an extremely cold winter, with lots of challenging weather.

And it isn’t just us humans who are hit hard by the cold, but our beloved animals as well. When it gets too cold, animals large and small will do everything they can to stay in the warm.

But just like us, they have to step outside sometimes.



This horse owner thought her horses would be happy to come out and play a little in the snow; she had no idea that they would react like this when she opened the door.

Many horses love playing in fresh snow. Luckily for them, there are a few things that contribute to them staying warm even in the colder months.


Their coats become thicker and warmer, but horses still need to eat more during the winter to produce enough energy to keep warm.

Some people also choose to put a blanket on their horses to help keep them toasty out in the cold, but some people think this is unnatural and that horses can keep themselves warm.


In the end, different horses have different likes and dislikes, and some fare better in the cold than others.

The horses in this video have been given warm blankets, but that doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference to them!


They take a couple of steps out into the snow and immediately run back into the stable! It almost looks like they’ve been practising turning around and running back at exactly the same time.

Watch the clip for your self, it’s so funny! Just like me, they can’t wait for Spring to arrive!

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