Horse hears its favorite song start: Nods at owner and makes the crowd laugh

Horse hears its favorite song start: Seconds later the whole crowd is rubbing its eyes

That horses can learn to jump, walk backwards and sideways may not be news, but have ever seen a horse dance?

As soon as the music begins to blast in the arena, a dance routine begins which most horses could never keep up with.

But not this horse. Fortunately, someone in the crowd picked up their camera and began to record the amazing performance.


It may sound strange, but horses can actually enjoy music. The Horse website describes how music may calm stressed horses.

Rock and jazz, the page adds, may be stressful for horse, while country and classical music is soothing for them.


Perhaps that’s why the country-classic “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cirus was chosen for this show.

Each time the chorus plays, you can see how the horse gets more and more excited.


It’s hard not to love this line-dancing horse.

It’s amazing that it flawlessly follows the humans’ routine — it even manages to cross its legs just like the people do.


There are probably not many who can say they have ever seen a horse dancing this well.

Take a look for yourself below to check out this horse’s impressive performance!

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