Foal panics when mom gets stuck – then some animal lovers rush to the scene

If you’ve ever watched a nature documentary, you know that wild animals sometimes end up in dangerous situations.

Death is a part of life in the wild; that’s just how it works. But fortunately, the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is able to save many wild animals when they find out about dangerous situations in time.

And as soon as the RSPCA heard about this mother horse, whose foot was tangled in her mane, they hurried to the scene.

This event took place in Loughor Estuary in southern Wales, which is home to wild horses.

The rescue crew realized that the mare couldn’t free her hoof on her own, no matter how much she tried.

What was extra heartbreaking was that she had a foal on her side, who was helpless and panicking.

Obviously, the foal must have been terrified seeing her mother in such a situation!

The RSPCA took this into account and waited a while to see how it turned out. But it was soon obvious that the situation wasn’t going to end well if they let let it play out.

The foal was nervous at first, but soon realized that the humans were there to help her mother.

Watch the wonderful rescue here:

Horses are majestic, noble animals. But they also end up in trouble sometimes and need help.

That’s why I’m so happy to see organizations like RSPCA fighting hard to save animals every day.

Last year alone, the organization managed to save 129,602 wild animals! That’s definitely worth sharing, don’t you think?