Colt doesn’t dare jump over wall – then mom shows her maternal instinct

The number one job of parents is to raise their children. And in addition to giving their kids all the love they can, moms and dads also teach their kids countless skills they need to succeed in the world.

For the colt in this heartwarming video, that meant learning how to jump over a small obstacle — and luckily, his mom was there to help him.

Growing up isn’t always easy. Just look at this colt, who doesn’t dare to jump over a tiny wall the first time he encounters it.

But fortunately, like most humans and animals, he’s lucky enough to have his mom by his side to help him through life’s challenges.

Image Source: YouTube

This colt didn’t dare jump over the little wall, even though it was only a couple bricks high.

But like many moms in the animal kingdom, this mom was there to help her little one rise to the challenge.

Image Source: YouTube

Needed some help

The mare trotted over to her baby and took him under her wings. And instead of just watching her colt fail, she came to his rescue and showed how him how to do it.

Together they got a good running start and started galloping toward the wall.

Image Source: YouTube

The mother jumped over first — and right behind her, her colt jumped, too. And fortunately for us, someone was there to film the heartwarming moment.

It’s one of the cutest lessons I’ve seen in a long time — and it proves how much love there is between this mare and her colt.

Image Source: YouTube

Hopefully, this mom will continue to help her baby through all the challenges he faces in life, regardless of how big he becomes.

But considering what she did in this clip, I have no doubt that she’ll always be there for her beloved child.

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