Woman watches pit bull give birth – then the mother dog does something she’s never seen before

Watching a dog give birth and seeing her puppies take their first steps is always a precious and heartwarming experience.

And Stevoni Doyle, a dog foster mom from Utah, has seen more puppies come into this world than most people.

But when a pit bull named Grayce gave birth to 11 puppies at her house, Stevoni saw something she’d never seen before.

For more than 10 years, Stevoni Doyle has been a foster mom to dogs waiting for forever homes. And over the years, Stevoni has opened her home to 100 dogs, including some pregnant ones.

Each time Stevoni has taken in a pregnant dog, she’s has offered the mom-to-be a quiet place to deliver and care for her babies.

But when she took in a pregnant pit bull named Grayce, Stevoni wouldn’t just witness a birth — she would also experience something that shows how loving and trusting dogs can be.

YouTube / Stevoni Doyle

Grayce was carrying 11 puppies, and soon after arriving at Stevoni’s house, she gave birth to one female and 10 males.

After watching the successful delivery, Stevoni sat down in a nearby armchair. But then something happened that was a first for this seasoned foster mom.

YouTube / Stevoni Doyle

Immediately, the new mother picked up one of her puppies from the blanket where they were born.

Then, one by one, Grayce carried her puppies to Stevoni and set them down in her arms. Needless to say, Stevoni was stunned and overjoyed.

YouTube / Stevoni Doyle

As Grayce placed her newborns on Stevoni’s chest, the pit bull mom lovingly glanced up at Stevoni, or should I say, the puppies’ godmother.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

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