Woman sneaks into a house to save a dog in distress, then a car pulls up

Woman sneaks into a house to save a dog in distress, then a car pulls up

When a Florida couple heard strange noises coming from the house next door they had to investigate.

The house was in such bad condition they didn’t think anyone lived there, until they climbed over the wall.

But that wasn’t the only thing in a terrible condition they saw that day.



Photo: YouTube

The woman sees a car

Thinking that nobody lived in the house the woman decided to climb over the dividing wall and find out what was making such a stange noise, according to Paw my Gosh.

They discovered a starving dog tied to a tree. He was scared and barking at them.

Photo: YouTube

‘Not interested in taking care of him’

The dog was dirty and covered in bugs.

But as they were trying to get closer and help the poor pooch a car showed up in the drive.

“That’s my nephew’s dog. He left him here months ago, and I’m not interested in taking care of him,” the man in the car said.

The couple were very irritated by the man’s response but decided not to confront him, instead they asked if they could take the dog called Ganesh.

Photo: YouTube

Fundraising for Ganesh

They called animal control to take him but when they were told there was a chance Ganesh could be put down, they decided to take him in themselves.

The couple earned the trust of Ganesh by first giving him food and then giving him love, he then enjoyed a shower to get rid of the dirt and bugs on his body.

The couple set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the medical treatment and therapy Ganesh would need.

“It is our priority to not only nurture Ganesh’s physical wellbeing, but also that of his mental and emotional state. We are so happy to be caring for this pup,” an update on their GoFundMe page said.

Watch the moment that Ganesh is rescued by these animal heroes in the clip below; he is such a sweet pup.

Thank goodness this big-hearted couple were close to Ganesh, I dread to think how this dog would have ended up if he had been left tied to that tree any longer.

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