Woman records herself putting her dog in dryer, now police are investigating for animal cruelty

Many people post photos and videos of their pets online. But while everyone tries to seem like a good, loving pet parent on social media, sometimes the truth comes out. Just last week, a YouTube vlogger accidentally leaked footage of herself hitting her dog.

Now, there’s a new video that has people outraged and calling for an animal abuse investigation, after a teen put her dog in her dryer and livestreamed it on Instagram.

The young woman, reportedly from Lewisville, Texas, streamed the now-deleted video on her Instagram, but it was spread online after someone captured and shared the footage on Twitter.

The video is bizarre and distressing. Recording herself, the woman says “I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna put his ass back in the dryer,” (indicating that this isn’t the first time she’s done this) and puts her dog in the dryer for a few seconds as it spins.


While she apparently thinks this is absolutely hilarious (and says “he likes that s**t”) the dog clearly isn’t enjoying any of this. When she opens the door, you can see the dog struggling to regain his footing as the dryer spins.

At the end, you can see the clearly distressed dog walk off and lay down, away from the dryer and his owner.

After the video hit Twitter, users rightly called this out as animal abuse, and notified the local authorities, as well as animal groups like the ASPCA.

“Someone please call the police on this girl, Some people don’t deserve dogs or pets at all,” the poster wrote. “It’s complete abuse how they treat them.”

“What sick crap is this and why is this person not already locked up for this?!” one reply says. “That is the most messed up thing I have seen in a while!!”

Luckily, something is being done. The woman’s Instagram was deactivated, for starters.

More importantly, the Dallas Police Department has officially gotten involved. They announced on Facebook that Animal Cruelty Detectives were investigating the case, and that their findings would be passed to the Lewisville Police Department.

Update: After following up on leads, the Dallas Police Department's Animal Cruelty Detectives have learned that this…

Posted by Dallas Police Department on Monday, August 12, 2019

There is unfortunately no word on the status of the dog. Many concerned people are hoping he has been taken away from his cruel owner.

But in the meantime we can at least be assured that official action has been taken, and the woman will face some consequences for her actions. Hopefully the dog ends up in better care soon.

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