Dog groomer kicked poor dog till its ribs broke – remains jail-free

Have you ever taken your dog to a groomer? If you have then you know you can leave your animals safe in the knowledge they will be pampered and treated with respect.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case at a dog groomers in Iowa.

What one spiteful and extremely hot-tempered 22-year-old worker did to this corgi has gone viral as thousands expressed their absolute shock at this animal’s treatment.

The young dog groomer, Lucas Van Orden, was originally sentenced to two years of probation – only after he pleaded guilty.


Two years ago, a horrible event took place at Creature Comfort Veterinary Clinic, Iowa.

Lucas Van Orden, the son of the clinic’s practice manager, kicked Jasper, a canine residing at the clinic during a grooming session.

The assault resulted in many broken ribs, a pair of badly-bruised lungs as well as subcutaneous emphysema.

Sadly, Jasper was in intensive care for several days but thankfully, Jasper managed to recover from his injuries.

The pet’s owners took to Reddit, saying their beloved puppy appeared to be in pain when they picked him up from the veterinary clinic on July 9.

It took six weeks for Jasper to fully heal, according to his owners.

The dog’s owner posted on the site Reddit:

”I tried to pick him up, but he screamed in pain. I immediately drove him to the 24 hour vet hospital where they ran xrays right away and found 3, possibly 4 broken ribs, and air leaking under his skin.”

When questioned by police, Van Orden admitted to kicking the corgi while grooming it and the clinic’s owners fired the 22-year-old after the incident.

”Any animal injury is of paramount concern, and is not tolerated in any respect,” the clinic said in a statement.

Lucas Van Orden was charged with animal neglect, a simple misdemeanor.

He could have faced up to two years in prison for the crime, but pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years of probation.

Many people think that way the state handles animal abuse cases needs to be improved.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has ranked Iowa 49th in the nation for animal protection laws in 2015.

Jasper’s human said:

”We look at our own animals as companion pets, so they’re part of our family. They’re not a human being, but they do deserve rights. It’s [this case] treated as the same thing as you’d get from getting a speeding ticket, but my dog had severe damaged and almost died.”

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