Woman 'overjoyed' after reuniting with dog stolen 11 years ago

Woman ‘overjoyed’ after reuniting with dog stolen 11 years ago

It’s always very hard when a beloved pet dog disappears from your life, especially when they are stolen. You’re left worrying and wondering if you’ll ever see them again.

But sometimes miracles happen, and our pets return when we least expect them to. That was the case for one woman, who got a shocking call a decade after her dog was taken from her.

According to a Facebook post from the Stoughton Police Department, in Massachusetts, Animal Control Officer Michelle Carlos responded to a call about a Yorkie who was loose and running in the street.


She took care of him, providing water and a bath, and then found that he had a microchip. It said the 12-year-old Yorkie’s name was Rex, and that he belonged to a woman named Marzena Niejadlik, from Boston.

Using the information, ACO Carlos called the owner to reunite her with her lost dog. But little did she know, the call was quite a shock.

It turns out that Rex had been missing for 11 years after being stolen from Marzena’s home. She hadn’t seen her long-lost pet in over a decade, and soon arrived at the police station for a sweet reunion.

Facebook/Stoughton Police Department

“She was just overjoyed and in disbelief that I had her dog,” Carlos told NBC Boston.

For Marzena, Rex’s return provides a happy ending to what has been a long heartbreak for her family. She told NBC that she brought the Yorkie home after losing both her mother and brother in 2010.

“It was sudden and unexpected, a huge tragedy. We were all devastated, and I kind of was thinking that maybe getting a dog, and especially a Yorkie, will maybe bring some cheer into our family,” she said.

But what was supposed to be a bringer of joy turned into another heartache after Rex was stolen 11 years ago. Marzena searched everywhere, but as months and years went by she began to lose hope.

But finally, she got her long-awaited miracle: “We were really hoping that would, one day, happen, and finally, it did.”

Facebook/Stoughton Police Department

The Stoughton Police Department — who said the reunion was something out of a movie and “one for the ages” — says that Rex “had a great night at their home,” and met Marzena’s kids for the first time, who were thrilled to have the dog back.

“He was treated to a day of beauty and all is right in world,” the department wrote.

While it sounds like a miracle, reunions like this are only possible due to microchipping, and the department took the opportunity to remind pet owners to get their pets microchipped.

We’re so glad Rex is finally home! We’re sure this family is now making up for lost time and giving this long-lost dog lots of love!

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