Witnesses see man dump dog outside cafe – read note on her collar and can’t believe their eyes

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to own animals.

Last week, a man was caught on a surveillance camera when he dumped his dog outside of a  Dunkin’ Donuts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He attached a note with a short message to the dog’s collar.

The message on the note broke my heart.

On December 26th, the man was caught on camera when he drove up to Dunkin’ Donuts. He had a dog with him.

Santa Fe Police

He went into the cafe and the dog waited faithfully outside. At first, it didn’t look suspicious at all.

Santa Fe Police

The man bought a coffee and then went back to his car.

Santa Fe Police

But then something noticeable happened.

He didn’t let the dog back in the car again. Instead he drove away without his dog – and left her alone in the parking lot.

Luckily, some people nearby saw what happened and rushed to help the dog. On her collar they found a note with the words:

“I’m free. I’m having babies”

Santa Fe Police

The man had abandoned his dog because she was pregnant.

The dog was taken care of by Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society and is thankfully healthy and happy. But it must be very confusing for her that her owner is suddenly gone.

“She is social and loves people. I was actually hanging out with her today,” says Murad Kirdar from the animal shelter, and continues: “We still do not know if she is pregnant — it’s too early to tell.”

Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society

Police are now searching for the man who abandoned the dog, and are encouraging anyone who has seen him to contact them.

The security camera caught a clear picture of the man, so hopefully thy will catch him soon!

However, he will never get the dog he abandoned back. She’s now waiting to be adopted into a new home – where she will get lots of love!

All dogs deserve a loving home – and no dog should be abandoned like this.

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