Without dog George, Bella would have to use a wheelchair – watch when she returns the favor in a wonderful way

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend. But for 11-year-old Bella, her dog, George, is much more than that. The Great Dane is both her service dog and her hero.

When Bella was little, she was diagnosed with a rare progressive disorder called Morquio’s syndrome. It prevents Bella’s body from breaking down long chains of sugar molecules, and the older Bella becomes, the more debilitating the untreatable disease gets.

A few years ago, Bella’s doctors told her and her family that at the rate her health was deteriorating, Bella wouldn’t be able to walk much longer. But the brave girl didn’t give up. And to help her, Bella’s parents got Bella a service dog named George.

George was a real lifesaver. The Great Dane wears a harness and by holding onto it, Bella was able to walk again.

Now, the girl and her dog walk everywhere together. It’s a real miracle!


Last year, Bella heard about an organization called Barkpost that honors dogs by giving them what they call a “dog’s best day.” Bella wanted to let George know how much she appreciates him, so together with Barkpost, she spent a day with George that would have any dog wagging its tail for days.

From chowing down burgers to sledding at a ski resort, George was rewarded for being such an amazing dog.

Without George, Bella would have to use a wheelchair. But because she doesn’t, she’s forever grateful for the freedom George gives her. Together, the duo has years of adventure in front of them!

Watch a sweet video from George’s special day here:

It’s a miracle that dogs can even help wheelchair-bound people get back on their feet. Please consider sharing this article to pay tribute to service dogs everywhere!

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