Volunteer thinks he’s rescuing a puppy, reaches behind trash can for more

The Michigan Humane Society, founded in 1877, is the oldest and largest nonprofit animal welfare organization in Michigan.

Each year, the MHS achieves 100 percent adoption of more than 8,000 healthy and treatable animals through compassionate care, community engagement, and advocacy for humane treatment.

It probably doesn’t have to be said, but the volunteers who work for the organization have seen a lot over the years.

Still, Chris Ouwerkerk of the MHS was very surprised when he responded to a call about a puppy who was thrown out and tied to an old couch on the curb.

It was rainy and cold day, and when Chris arrived, he saw the puppy sitting between a trash can and a recycling can.

But there was more than meets the eye….

Facebook / Chris Ouwerkerk

When you work at a shelter or an animal rescue organization, you really never know what to expect and meet when someone sounds the alarm.

But when experienced Chris Ouwerkerk, a rescue driver and field agent for the Michigan Humane Society, was dispatched to a potential rescue site, he thought this would be like any regular day at work.

But he would soon find out just how wrong he was.

Youtube/Michigan Humane Society

It was raining and very cold when Chris rushed to the scene. He quickly spotted a dog hiding between two trash cans, trying to keep herself warm and dry.

He called for the shivering puppy, and she immediately came running to him.

When he petted and picked up the poor puppy, Chris heard another sound between the trash cans.

His first thought was that it was another puppy there, but then he reached in to find it was.

To his great surprise, he discovered a tiny kitten, also shivering in the cold rain.

Youtube/Michigan Humane Society

Apparently, the puppy and kitten were cuddling each other to stay warm. How stony-hearted must one be to abandon two sweet little creatures out in the rain?

Chris quickly took the pup and kitten in his truck and went back to the shelter, where the pup and kitten received treatment and were vaccinated.

But there was still a long way to go for the little ones. Luckily, the emaciated puppy and the starving kitten got tons of love, care and food to get them back in shape.

Youtube/Michigan Humane Society

The pup and kitten, named Camarin and Tomas, formed quite the bond with each other and continued to snuggle with each other. They wouldn’t leave each other’s sight.

This adorable couple even stayed together during their evaluations and shared the same cage!

Thanks to donations, the Michigan Humane Society was able to rescue these two pals from the cold and place them in a forever home. ? Shame on the creeps that abandoned them.

I’m glad that Chris answered this call and saved these two precious love bugs in time! Shame on the creeps that abandoned them.

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