Viral footage shows cat knocking on door like a human

It’s well known that cats are clever, perhaps even devious creatures, but just how smart are cats?

According to scientists, it’s not your imagination: Cats are far more intelligent than you may realize and far more stubborn.

And when you see this fantastic video, there is no doubt left…

Last week, Sheekilah Jones was waiting for her bus to work when a different sound began to reverberate through the quiet, early morning streets.

She couldn’t found out the source of the sound, but soon she saw it…

“I heard knocking,” Jones told The Dodo. “But there was no one around.”

Scanning her surroundings, Jones’ eyes then landed upon something pretty odd:

On a stoop a short ways away, Sheekilah saw a black cat on a handrail near the door.

At first she didn’t understand anything, but then she understood why.

The feline leans across the door of the suburban home in Cardiff, UK, and stretches its tiny paw across to reach the gold knocker, before giving it a few raps – indicating, exactly like a human would, that he’d kindly like to be let inside…

“I genuinely couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Jones said.

She picked up her phone and caught the scene on cam, lest no one else would believe it, either.