Vet refuses to kill old but healthy dog ​​– does the right thing instead

When Figgy the dog turned 18 years old he started to have a few accidents around his home and his owners struggled to cope.

It’s an unusually high age for a dog, so it’s no wonder he was looking slightly worse for wear. But his owners had no sympathy and took him to the vet to have him put down. The reason? He had become “too stupid.”

Staff at the veterinarian clinic tested Figgy’s health and despite finding him to be blind and arthritic with a mouthful of rotten teeth, he was relatively healthy for an 18-year-old dog.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

The owners explained that they thought Figgy was “stupid” and that was one of the reasons they wanted to have him put down. But staff at the clinic refused to do this.

They simply didn’t have the heart to kill a healthy, sweet dog. They decided to take him into their care and contacted Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, an organization that takes care of senior abandoned dogs.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Figgy moved to San Francisco to begin his new life — far from his former owners, whom he loved for years but who no longer wanted him.

Luckily there were other people who were prepared to give Figgy all the love he needed. Sherri Franklin from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue quickly realized that Figgy wouldn’t be happy at the dog’s home. He needed peace and quiet, so she brought him home to her family for a quiet transition.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Figgy was happy in his foster home and slept curled up next to his foster mom.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Within days cute Figgy was spotted by an animal lover who offered to adopt him. The woman, called Eileen, had adopted many older dogs from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and she immediately fell for Figgy.

Figgy is very happy in his new home getting all the love and attention he deserves. In addition, he has gained a new furry friend, Miss Abbie, who was also adopted from Muttville.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

I hope Figgy enjoys his senior years in his new forever home. Just because he’s old doesn’t mean he’s less worthy of the love and attention a younger dog would get!