Two stray dogs beg strangers for help in fast food parking lot

There are many dogs out on the streets, fending for themselves and hoping to find a loving home.

That was the case for two poor dogs, who literally begged anyone who passed by to give them a home… until their cries were finally heard by just the right people.

The stray dogs would always hang around a fast food restaurant in Brownsville, Texas. A young woman named Destiny Vasquez saw one of the dogs approach her at the drive-thru, begging for food:

Posted by Leslie Hennings on Monday, June 15, 2020

An employee told her the dogs hung around the area and had been doing so for a long time.

The dogs had clearly been begging and relying on strangers for help, but no one wanted to take them in. But Destiny was heartbroken by the sight.

“I was crying and crying,” Destiny told The Dodo. “I called my mom, and I said, ‘Mom, I have to get this dog.'”

Her mom, Jessica Marin, is a pet rescuer. She went to the scene and photos of the dogs, which were shared on Facebook by a friend, Leslie Hennings, who asked the public to get these poor dogs help.

“They literally begged to be taken, but they weren’t,” she wrote on Facebook. “They go up to every car that passes by in hopes to find a home.”

“It will be another night in the streets. These two only have each other and desperately need rescue together!”

As Jessica worked to gain the dogs’ trust, another pet rescuer saw the viral post and was moved to tears.

Ana Teran, a volunteer at Animal Aid Brigade, drove all the way from Houston to pick up the dogs.

She says that despite everything they went through, the dogs weren’t scared of her — they were just happy someone was finally taking them home. They fell asleep in the car during the drive.

“I was so excited to see them! They were just the cutest,” Ana told The Dodo. “They wanted love so desperately. They were so friendly. They were not fearful or timid. They had big smiles; they were so excited. They had no idea what was going on, but they were so happy.”

The dogs, now named Patty and Pepper, are now being fostered by Ana and will be put up for adoption soon. She says the dogs have become attached to one another

“This is just the beginning of their journey and their adventures,” Ana said. “I’m just really excited for them.” 

These dogs won’t have to beg for help anymore. Thank you to everyone who helped save these dogs! Hope they find their forever homes soon!

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