Mom woken by adopted pit bull dog: Checks on son and realizes the emergency

Dogs are considered man’s best friend and for centuries have been great companions for their human friends, but certain breeds are also kept for other reasons such as hunting and as guard dogs.

However, some breeds have a bad reputation and have been used by some for illegal dog fighting and as a weapon for their owners; this breed is the pit bull. But for responsible dog owners this breed has not been a problem, for the most part.

The problems are rather that they end up with the wrong owner who trains the dog to do things that are not really in their nature and they become aggressive.


When the Daniels family, from Ohio, decided to adopt former homeless pit bull Ember they didn’t consider this breed’s bad reputation. The family had previously had a dog of the same breed and they were not at all worried that something would happen.

They didn’t imagine what a life-changing decision this would be for the family.

Tre och Amber

The longer Ember was part of the family, the closer Ember and the couple’s 10-year-old son Tre became.

Ember always wanted to be around the young boy and the two developed a strong bond and mutual understanding.

Mom Tracy loved how close her son had become with the dog and had no idea how this would develop. Then, one day she was woken by a strange sound.

Tracy Daniels

Mrs Daniels said she woke to the sound of Ember making a strange noise and pacing. She followed the family pet into the bathroom and realized the seriousness of the situation.

Tracy och Ember

She discovered her son’s feet hanging over the side of the bathtub. It seemed as if he had fallen in, his head was tilted back.

Tre had suffered a seizure and was able to get the medical help he needed right away thanks to the fast acting and loyal pit bull.


Tests were done on Tre and doctors concluded that he was going to be just fine but who knows what would have happened if the family hadn’t got help for him immediately.

Today, the family is forever grateful to Ember.

The organization that the family adopted Ember from Adore-A-Bull, hopes that stories like this can help people understand these dogs make loyal pets if they are treated right.

Dad Tony, who is a firefighter, said he understood why people were wary of the breed but most of the time their behavior could be attributed to the owner rather than the dog.

Find out more about this hero dog and her actions in the clip below:

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