She was tormented as a fighting dog, became depressed – see her transformation after these heroes' efforts!

Foto: SPCA Texas

She was tormented as a fighting dog, became depressed – see her transformation after these heroes’ efforts!

It’s just awful when people use dogs as combat animals and expose them to such great suffering.

Unfortunately, it continues to happen too often around the world.

At worst, the poor dogs may be injured for life, and not only physically but psychologically as well.

In some places in the United States and in other countries, dog fights continue to be organized by humans, despite that these are completely illegal.

Animal heroes from the Texas SPCA team encountered one such terrible event. Upon arriving on scene, they discovered a number of dogs that had been used in fights. The poor dogs were overjoyed when help finally came.

All but one, that is.

Source: SPCA Texas

That particular fighting dog was very weak. When the animal heroes arrived on scene, they found her chained and unable to even lift her head up to face them.

Source: SPCA Texas

She was in such dire shape that she couldn’t even move. They examined the poor dog on site and found that she highly dehydrated, starving and in desperate need of treatment. In addition, her fur was heavily infected.

Source: SPCA Texas

They quickly took her to the veterinary clinic where she received a blood transfusion, food and water. According to the vet who treated her, she had “almost no blood pumping through her veins” and was likely just days from death.

Source: SPCA Texas

They named the dog Gwen Stefani after the popular singer and in light of her “strength, courage and beauty,” the group said. After a few days of treatment, her condition slowly began improving. She could lift her head and wag her tail.

“She greets everyone with a wiggly body, wagging tail and trademark pit bull smile,” SPCA wrote in a press release.

Source: SPCA Texas

As she began to physically recover, Gwen began to look more and more like a completely different dog. She soon began happily running around, appreciating her newfound freedom. And naturally, she received all the love that all dogs need and deserve.

Source: SPCA Texas

“Gwen is definitely missing nothing. She is surrounded by people who love her. Now she can play every day! It’s amazing what an environmental change and love can mean for a dog,” the SPCA wrote in the press release.

Source: SPCA Texas

Gwen is now a very happy dog again and I couldn’t be happier to see that! It’s so nice to read about the heroes around the world that do so much for vulnerable animals. You are doing a vital job! Please share to pay tribute to their amazing efforts!