Three puppies die after being left in cardboard box on 90 degree day

It’s always so heartbreaking when defenseless puppies are left alone to fend for themselves. While sometimes good samaritans come along in time to save them, other times it’s just too late.

One shocking story shows how carelessly some dogs are treated, and the tragic consequences of the dog breeding industry.

A cyclist in Essex, England was riding by on a hot summer day and spotted a puppy poking its head out of a cardboard box, according to The Sun.

He stopped to check it out… and found three eight-week-old puppies inside, suffering alone in the hot sun. Sadly, one of them had already passed away.

The temperature was reported to be 32°C, or about 90°F. Dogs, especially dogs this young, are very susceptible to heat stroke, and should never been left outside in this heat.

But the dogs were also suffering from a dog illness called parvovirus that commonly affects unvaccinated puppies.

The two puppies who were found alive did not survive long: they died while being treated at the vet.

Samantha Garvey, RSPCA chief inspector for Essex, called the case “horrific” and suggested the dogs came from a puppy farm, speculating that someone imported the dogs to the UK and abandoned them when they found out they were sick.

“We see it a lot,” Garvey said. “Dogs are brought across because they are cheaper to source and import for sale from Europe than they are in the UK.”

“I would just ask that people really do their research and not agree to buy any animals who they have reason to believe are sick.”

How horrible — we can’t believe anyone would leave puppies for dead like this. It’s also a reminder of how poorly “puppy farm” dogs can be treated — always “adopt, don’t shop.” Share this story if you agree.