Animal rescue finds box left outside overnight, finds 10 desperate puppies inside

Animal rescue finds box left outside overnight, finds 10 desperate puppies inside

It’s always shocking how careless people can be when it comes to animals. Every day people abandon cats and dogs in inhumane ways, not caring at all about their safety or wellbeing.

And they certainly don’t care about the poor shelter workers who have to take care of everything. Like at one shelter, where workers were left apalled when they got an unexpected delivery on their doorstep.

Employees at Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation, in Stilwell, Oklahoma, found a red storage crate left outside their building overnight.

They opened the box, and found ten puppies inside.

Miraculously, they were all still alive. While the person who left them had punched a few crude air holes in the crate, they supplied barely enough air for the puppies, who gasped for air when freed.

Not only that, they had been left in the heat and the rain. They were wet, and one of the pups seemed to be suffering from heat stroke.

Posted by Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation on Friday, April 28, 2017

It was an awful way to surrender the puppies: not only did it put their lives in danger, but the shelter was suddenly saddled with ten new puppies. Like many shelters, they were already overworked and on a tight budget.

“Why do people do this?” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “They must justify it thinking we have all the funds in the world and unlimited facility space to house all the unwanted pets in our area. Why would we not take them right?”

“The problem is we don’t have extra money. We don’t have space for all of them.” They wrote that it puts them in the unfortunate position of having to turn animals away, while this problem could be solved just by people spaying and neutering their pets.

Sadly, this isn’t the only incident like this: the shelter wrote that they’ve had animals “dumped” on them in all sorts of terrible conditions.

But despite being overcrowded, the rescue took responsibility for the dogs. They called on volunteers to foster the puppies.

Luckily, the shelter later reported that all the puppies had gone to good homes.

But while this story has a happy ending, it’s a reminder to always spay and neuter your pets to avoid situations like this, and for people to surrender their animals ethically and be considerate to these overworked shelters.

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