Three dogs were almost euthanized when their owner was in coma — stranger steps up to take them all in

When a woman was left in a coma after being hit by a truck, her three dogs were brought to a shelter with uncertain futures.

But thankfully, one stranger stepped up to take them in and save their lives.

According to KENS 5, a woman from San Antonio was hit by a truck during her daily run, leaving her in a coma. The tragic situation was made even worse by the fact that there was no one to care for her three dogs, Jeter, Pauly and Snowy.

The three dogs were brought to the City of San Antonio Animal Services, who reported that they were “sweet but reasonably scared and timid after being separated from their mom.”

The dogs needed care until they can be reunited with their owner in the future, but unfortunately the shelter was at capacity and unable to hold them in their kennels long-term. They put out an urgent request for a foster who could take them in.

When Missy Brown learned about the situation, she knew she had to help. Though she already had two dogs at home, she was interested in taking in the trio of dogs — she knew it was potentially a life-or-death situation.

“If it’s an owner surrender, there’s no stray hold,” Brown told KENS 5. “They could actually be euthanized immediately.”

She also said she wanted to “pay it forward,” after she spent 12 days in an ICU a few years ago and someone took care of her dogs. “Every dog owner is just one crisis away from needing someone to help care for their dogs,” she said. “I’m just happy that I was in a position to help.”

The dogs were still nervous, and clearly bonded with one another, so they couldn’t be split up. Missy was happy to take in all three, and is now providing a loving, temporary home until their owner is better. She said the dogs were nervous but clearly happy to be out of the shelter.

It’s a heartbreaking situation, but we’re glad these three beautiful dogs are in good hands in their new foster home while their owner recovers.

Thank you to Missy for taking these dogs in when they needed you! Please share this heartwarming news if you love dogs! ❤️🐾