This service dog is thrilled to see his owner’s face when she Facetimes him from the hospital

It can be hard being away from your pet for a long period of time—especially when that pet is a service animal you rely on for your wellbeing.

That was the case for one woman who was missing her dog during an extended hospital stay. But when she called him up to see his face, she realized the dog missed her even more.

Katie Harris, a school social worker, is one of the many people who relies on a service dog to get by. She suffers from a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Luckily, she has Moxie, a one-year-old miniature golden doodle, who is there to pick up the pieces when life gets tough.

“Very often, when I would bend over, I would either injure myself from a dislocation or pass out from blood pressure issues,” Katie told The Dodo. “Moxie will pick up anything I drop, retrieve my shoes, clothes or anything else I need.”

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The two go everywhere together—Katie even runs a site called Adventures with Moxie, which also aims to pay it forward by raising money for other people to have service animals.

“Moxie helps me every day and truly has been such a huge blessing to me,” she says.

But recently, Katie had to undergo a treatment surgery for her condition, and the extended hospital stay meant she’d be away from her beloved dog.

“I hate being away from Moxie, especially during hard times,” Katie said.

While recovering in the hospital, Katie wanted to see her pet’s face, and decided it would be fun to video chat with Moxie via Facetime.

What she didn’t expect was the dog’s reaction: Moxie immediately recognized Katie’s face on the phone screen and excitedly began to lick the screen.


“I definitely teared up,” Katie told The Dodo. “I didn’t quite see the full reaction until my stepmom sent me the video and I couldn’t believe it! I truly do believe she knew that was me.”

That wasn’t the only heartwarming moment. When Katie was released from the hospital, no one was happier than Moxie, who ran up to greet Katie. Katie embraced him right back, even if she wasn’t fully recovered just yet.

“Although she jumped in my lap and immediately started licking me, she didn’t hurt my neck at all,” Katie said. “We eventually just paused in more of a hug as I just held her.”

It goes to show how deep the bond between dogs and their owners can be—that our dogs can care about us and show their love when we need them.

“I can honestly say that having Moxie has ‘saved me’ and I am so incredibly thankful for her,” Katie said. “Not only does she help me physically, but we truly are a team as we navigate these challenges and hurdles together.”

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