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Man takes elderly, homeless dog to the pet shop – then buys him everything he touches

When a dog gets to the ripe old age of 12 he deserves some comforts in life, but for 12-year-old dog King, he had endured a life no senior should have to live.

Abandoned to live his life on the streets, he was then hit by a car and lost his front leg.

Thankfully he was rescued and then the search began for new owners who could adopt King, but the search was not easy for this three-legged senior dog.



The future looked anything but bright for King – until one day TV host Rocky Kanaka heard about the dog’s tragic life.

Rocky hosts the show “Dogs Day Out”, the program where they give hard-to-adopt homeless dogs the “perfect day” with the aim of also finding it a new home.

PHOTO: Rocky Kanaka/YouTube

For King, Rocky and his animal hero helpers had worked hard to find this super senior a new home and finally the search was over.

As Rocky took King to meet his new mommy he had another surprise in store for him on the way.

Rocky took King to a pet store and bought everything the dog touched, or sniffed.

PHOTO: Rocky Kanaka/YouTube

King was completely overjoyed and was wagging his tail the whole time.

After he’d selected his multiple buckets and bags of dog treats the icing on the cake was waiting for him outside —meeting his new mommy!

After all the setbacks he finally got a fun day and a new home with an owner who really loves him.

PHOTO: Rocky Kanaka/YouTube

All dogs deserve to be spoiled! It’s so wonderful to see King finally happy

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