Street dog guards abandoned baby – shows that dogs have a heart of gold

Street dog guards abandoned baby – shows that dogs have a heart of gold

We’ve heard many stories of humans saving animals from different dangerous situations. But sometimes the roles are reversed.

One day a woman heard muffled cries coming from somewhere in the vicinity of the parking lot just outside her home.

When she caught sight of a dog and her puppies – she also noticed something else by the dog’s side. A small creature that had two legs rather than four.

The maternal instincts of animals are strong. In addition, dogs are some of the most intelligent and loving animals we have by our side, and they can easily read if we are sad, angry, happy or just need some extra closeness.

They can also show great empathy and consideration – not just for their own species.


This is Way the street dog. She had just given birth to several small puppies. But for a dog living on the street it isn’t so easy being a mom. Food is scarce, and both other street dogs and humans alike go out of their way to do harm to the little ones.

Dog with a heart of gold

But even though Way is a street dog, she proves that dogs have a lot of empathy – not just for their own puppies.


It was the middle of winter when Alejandra Griffa, who lived nearby, heard muffled cries outside her window. She went outside to investigate – and when Alejandra reached the street dog, she saw something shocking.

A tiny human baby

Huddled close to Way and her puppies was a one month old baby. The baby’s 33-year-old mom had left her to die out in the winter cold – but Way was determined to stop that happening.


The homeless dog took on the tiny baby like a real mamma and held her tight against the winter cold, to keep the little one as warm as possible.

Alejandra picked up the baby and took her straight to the hospital where they were able to confirm that the baby would recover well.


Thank goodness Way was there like the good dog mamma she was and saved the tiny baby from certain death. We don’t know what happened to Way after her rescue – but I hope she found a loving home that treats her the same way she treated that helpless little baby.

Found the mom

Way’s amazing act really shows a dog’s empathy and good instincts.

After carrying out an investigation, the local authorities managed to find the baby’s mom who was suffering from severe depression. CNN reports that the mom has now sought pyschological help.

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