Street dog brings a present every day to thank the woman who feeds him

Orawan Kaewla iat lives in Thailand and has a heart of gold. There are lots of street dogs in the area and she does everything she can to help them.

She feeds the dogs in the area where she lives regularly and checks that they’re doing OK. The dogs are incredibly grateful for her great work – and one of them has come up with his own way to thank her personally.

Orawan feeds lots of dogs – but one of them is extra special. She has named him Tua Plu.

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Greet each other every day

Tua Plu comes to Orawan’s home every day with his mother to greet her. They both get to have a bite to eat before they move on. But unlike the other dogs who visit, Tua Plu never shows up empty handed.

He always has a present with him to thank her for the food.

Posted by อรวรรณ แก้วละเอียด on Tuesday, 24 October 2017


The presents are usually things that Tua Plu has found on the street, for example a leaf or a newspaper.

“When he’s hungry he always offers something in exchange for food. Every day he shows up carrying something in his mouth,” Orawan writes on Facebook.

Has a collar for protection

Tua Plu is a street dog, but he has a collar anyway. Orawan says it’s to protect him from people who want to hurt homeless dogs.

But hopefully this wonderful dog does not have to be homeless for much longer! After Orawan shared the pictures of Tua Plu, thousands of people have been touched by this good-hearted doggie. Several people in Thailand have said they are interested in adopting him – hopefully he will get a home soon!

In the video below you can see Tua Plu bringing one of his gifts.

What a thoughtful little guy! I’m sure he’ll be in a loving home soon – in fact I wish I could adopt him myself!

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