Stray dog named Ginger Rogers finds a new home after showing off her dance moves

There is unfortunately a lot of animals currently in shelters waiting for good homes. The ASPCA says that about 6.5 million animals are brought to shelters every year, including over 3 million dogs.

With so many to choose from, sometimes a dog has to really do something to stand out… like this toe-tapping stray who caught the world’s attention with her sweet dance moves.

In February 2016, Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, Florida showed off one of the dogs they had in their care, one who had an amazing talent.

They named the dog Ginger Rogers, after the famous tap dancing movie star. Why? Because of the adorable dance move she would do whenever people were around:

“She was born to be a star,” the shelter’s public information officer Diane Summers told HuffPost.

She says that Ginger likely had a previous owner, as she was found with a harness on before she was brought in, but the shelter was unable to find them.

Ginger loves showing off her routine, but Summers says that the dog’s roommate was “over it.” (Which seems like a missed opportunity—they could’ve been her Fred Astaire.)

The shelter hoped that Ginger’s irresistible dance moves would attract a new owner to give her a forever home. Do you like to dance? Ginger Rogers is looking for a new partner!” they wrote in their Facebook post.

People were apparently smitten with Ginger’s routine. The video has been shared over 8,000 times on Facebook.

And then the story got its Hollywood ending: a family reached out wanting to adopt Ginger, according to Inside Edition. The shelter waited a week for someone to claim her, and then let this lucky dog tap dance her way to her new home.

Hopefully with her “new partner,” Ginger was able to keep dancing, and learn even more moves that would make her namesake proud.

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