2 talented parrots challenge each other in a wonderful dance

Thanks to the internet, we have seen horses dance, silly dogs “sing” in the shower, and cats dance ballet — but I have never seen two birds with as much rhythm as parrots Jonathan and Sadie!

This is something everyone should see at least once in their lives!


This “dance”, where the birds bob their heads in rhythm, is actually a normal sign of hunger. But, when music is added, it looks like these gorgeous parrots are dancing to the music.

“Head bobbing” (when there is no music on) is what chickens usually do to get food from their mothers. Perhaps that’s why these wonderful parrots dance. Maybe they’re waiting for their meal or possibly they’re trying to have a bit of fun.

Whatever the reason behind Jonathan and Sadie’s impressive dance moves, we’re just glad it was captured on video!


Mom films while her two children hold their two parrots and put on “What is Love” by Haddaway. Within a few seconds, Jonathan and Sadie dance together to the beat! It’s almost like they’re in competition with one another — who’s the best?

Jonathan and Sadie certainly look like they’re enjoying each other’s company!

Watch their dance competition in the video below.

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