Stray dog hangs around car dealership, so they adopt him as their mascot

Stray dog hangs around car dealership, so they adopt him as their mascot

There are many stray dogs roaming around without homes, hoping to just find someone who will take care of them.

But sometimes, these strays end up in just the right place with just the right people. Like one dog, who not only found a place to stay… he found a job!

A street dog roamed the streets of Espírito Santo, Brazil, but he liked one spot in particular: a Hyundai car dealership.

He would hang out there so often that the employees soon became very familiar with him.

Sensing the dog needed food and water—and not a new Hyundai Sonata—the employees soon let him inside, providing some love and care.

In May, the dealership adopted the dog, ensuring that he’d finally have a place to stay and people to take care of him. He got all the necessary vaccinations and medical treatments, according to Indian Express.

They named the dog “Tuscon Prime,” after a Hyundai model and the name of the dealership.

But then, customers showing up to by cars fell in love with the dog, and they realized there could be room for him on the team.

They decided to make him an official employee, complete with his own photo ID badge. Tucson is now the dealership’s “sales dog” and mascot.

“The company has always been pet friendly, so now, we decided to embrace this idea in practice too, having our own pet, precisely at a more complicated time like this, with so many abandoned animals,” showroom manager Emerson Mariano told Top Motors Brazil.

The employees say that even after people buy cars, they come back just to visit the dog and give him treats.

We’d definitely buy a car from this good boy! We’re so glad this stray dog has found a place to stay and so many people who love him.

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