Homeless cat begs to come into the house, then the owner realizes that she is not alone

It breaks my heart to think about the amount of homeless animals roaming the streets without a safe place to live. We often recognize when dogs are lost as we see them without a human but with cats you can never tell as they’re so independent.

When one particular stray cat starts begging at the door to come in, the owner realizes the seriousness of the situation and can’t refuse to let her in. It wasn’t long before this kind-hearted man realized this cat wasn’t alone.


In the summer months, homeless animals can at least be warm while they’re on the streets but when it starts to get cold and food is scarce, situations can get dire for stray cats and dogs.

Some animals will go to great lengths to find a warm place to stay and in certain situations it can become even more vital to find a warm place to stay.

Cold cat

The house owner noticed a cat cold outside his front door and begging to come in. There was a desperate look in her eye that the man just couldn’t ignore.

After she was let in the owner saw that she was a friendly cat and was obviously grateful to find a warm place to stay.

Do not be alone

This furry feline went straight to the man and started to cuddle him as if to thank him for opening his home to her.

The cat seemed in good shape with only a few areas of matted fur to show for a life on the streets. But as the days and weeks passed, he noticed the cat changing shape.

It seemed that his new house guest was pregnant.

When it was time his new pet gave birth to three healthy and beautiful kittens.

The proud mom looks so content with her new brood and is clearly better off with a warm and welcoming roof over her head.

Now the kittens are ready to go to loving homes thanks to the shelter this man has provided which has allowed these kittens to thrive with a mom who is rested and well fed.

See this heartwarming story in the video below.

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