Sneaky dog tricks owner by pretending to need bathroom, but actually just wants to jump in pool

We’re in the “dog days of summer,” and everyone is looking for ways to cool down from the heat — even the dogs.

One of the best ways to beat the summer heat is taking a dip in the pool… and one sneaky, water-loving pet has figured out a clever way of getting to go for a swim whenever he wants.

A video shared by Rumble shows a moment familiar to any dog owner: a woman’s pet dog — a Boston Terrier named Thor — is anxiously standing by the door, waiting to be let out into the yard, as if he needs to go to the bathroom.


His owner, however, suspects that this is a trick — she knows what he’s really after.

“Going outside to go to the bathroom, right?” she asks her dog. “You’re not going to go jump in the pool?”

Sure enough, as soon as she opens the door, Thor dashes outside — and immediately dives straight into the pool!


The owner laughs, and it’s clear that this is a recurring thing. Thor has clearly thought of a way to “trick” his owner into always allowing him out into the pool, even though she seems okay with him going for a swim.

At the end of the video we see Thor happily paddling laps around the pool, clearly enjoying his swim.


It is generally considered safe to let dogs swim in backyard pools. While they should be monitored by their owners and not drink too much chlorine, most dogs are naturally capable swimmers.

And it’s clear that on a hot day, they enjoy a dip in the pool as much as humans do.

Watch the funny viral video below:

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