Smart weiner dog makes food deliveries during coronavirus

Smart weiner dog makes food deliveries during coronavirus

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re all staying at home in self-isolation. It can be hard to not be able to freely go outside or visit the store.

Luckily, pets can still roam freelyβ€”animals aren’t at risk of contracting COVID-19. And some smart little pets are happy to run errands for their owners stuck inside.

We told you about one man who successfully sent his chihuahua on a mission to buy some Cheetosβ€”now meet another dog who’s always down to go on a food run.

Oliver is a Dachshund who lives in Toronto with his owner Jessica Reanne Adario.

Recently Oliver has become a viral star thanks to one very useful pet trick.

During the coronavirus lockdown, he’s been making food deliveries to his family. Here he is strolling down the street with a bag of McDonalds:

This weiner dog is the talk of the neighborhood: a neighbor posted a video of Oliver and his doggie sibling out on delivery.

“I hope they tip you well, buddy,” he says.

Now there’s a dog we want to be quarantined with. His owners are grateful to have him around the house.

“He’s the BEST,” Jessica wrote on Instagram. “I’m very lucky to have him.”

What a smart dog! With everything going on in the world, a dog like Oliver is sure to brighten your day.

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