Smart dog escapes home, then rings doorbell to get back in

Dogs are smarter than we often give them credit for. It turns out, they’re watching what we humans do pretty closely, and can pick up a few tricks.

Many of our dogs are adventurous and like to adventure outside when they feel like it. But one dog doesn’t need a doggie door to get back in the house—he’s figured out how to ring the bell!


Greg Basel, from Spokane, Washington, caught his clever golden retriever on his Nest video doorbell.

Apparently the dog escaped his house locked out one evening, and knew enough to hit the doorbell—adorably bopping it with his snoot:


Luckily, someone answered the door, and this dog made it inside.

The funny video was first sent to KHQ Local News, and then posted to YouTube where it went viral with over a million views.

“Dogs are getting smarter by the day!” one comment reads.

It’s amazing what dogs are capable of! We’re glad this clever pup was able to get home safe and sound!

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