Smart cat gets door for locked-out owner in viral video

We’ve all been locked out at some point in our lives. It’s always a pain to be stuck outside your house or car and realize you forgot your keys, with no one inside to get the door for you.

That was the situation for one woman, but just when it seemed like no one was home, an unexpected hero stepped up to save the day.

In February, Gabby Tropea, from Austin Texas, walked her sister to school. But when she returned, she realized she left her keys inside, and that her sister had locked the door behind them.

“I guess neither of us noticed just out of habit,” Gabby told Bored Panda.

However, there was actually one person in the house: Boko, her pet tabby.

Twitter/Gabby Tropea

“Boko could hear me and started screaming at the front door and scratching,” Gabby says.

Gabby was going to wait around for an hour for her sister to return home, but after checking the back door, she got an idea: “I was just going to wait but I saw the stick in the door and started tapping on the glass.”

That’s when Boko stepped up to save the day. With his owner guiding him, Boko started pawing at the wooden door stopper. “He understood what I was saying.” Gabby told FOX 5. “He began by just rubbing his face on it, then was pawing down on it, I started motioning to push it upwards and that’s what he did.”

Amazingly, Boko was able to move the stopper, allowing Gabby to slide the backdoor open.

Even better, Gabby filmed the whole rescue—and posted it to Twitter, where it became a viral hit with over 6 million views.

“I’m proud to share my smart boy!” Gabby told Mashable.

The internet praised the smart kitten for saving the day. But months earlier, it was Gabby who saved Boko. In September she was out for a walk on campus when she heard a noise that turned out to be a tiny eight-week-old kitten in desperate need of help.

“I took him to the vet, he was running a 105° fever,” Gabby told Bored Panda. “They said he would have probably been dead by the end of the next day.”

She saved his life, and clearly Boko always has her back, ready to return the favor.

Twitter/Gabby Tropea

He is certainly a special cat. Most cats wouldn’t have been able to get that door open—and, as many Twitter users can attest, most cats would rather watch you suffer:

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