Gentlemanly dog patiently waits at door to ask out his girlfriend

Video doorbells have become popular lately—they’re a great way of keeping track of what’s going on at your doorstep.

While we often hear of people capturing some gross or illegal activity on their Ring cameras, sometimes you also manage to capture a truly precious moment.

Like one woman, who got a visit late one night from a very gentlemanly dog… who was there to pay a romantic visit to her own dog.


Like a young lover showing up to take his date out, the golden retriever stood patiently at the door, anxiously waiting for his girl to come out. (Like a good date, he even brought a gift: a green ball.)

The video was posted by Casi Cook, the owner of a 7-year-old black lab named Holly, who says the retriever is named Harry, and he’s Holly’s “boyfriend” who lives next door. They’ve been friends since Holly was first brought home.

While they play together a lot, the visit at nearly 11 at night took her by surprise: “He usually comes and gets her during the day, so when he came at night we were so confused!” Casi wrote on Reddit.


Not that she kept these two lovers apart. She discovered the neighbor dog was at the door when she heard Holly trying to get out: “We didn’t know why she was crying at the front door!” she wrote.

“My brother ran down the stairs and opened the door to Harry! It was so adorable!”

He opened the door and Holly jumped right out and the two dogs started playing together on the lawn.


Watch the video here:

The heartwarming video went viral on Reddit, where it was upvoted over 63,000 times.

But that isn’t Holly’s first brush with fame—it turns out, she went viral a few years ago for her habit of collecting dollars and spending them on treats.

Casi wrote that her dog still collects money and now has over $150 to her name… enough to afford a great night with Harry!

What adorable dogs! It goes to show that our pets can form real bonds and relationships with one another just like people.

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