Shelter’s longest-waiting dog finally gets adopted after 100 days

Every shelter dog dreams of the day they’ll find their forever home, but it takes some longer than others. Some dogs have to wait a long time to get adopted, with some even getting the unfortunate distinction of being their shelter’s longest resident.

It can be heartbreaking for these dogs, waiting month after month and watching other dogs find their homes. But the wait is finally over for one dog, who has found a home after over 100 days in the shelter.

According to his adoption page, Rambo, a large, 6-year-old black-and-white dog, arrived at The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas on March 26, after being surrendered by his owner.

Like all shelter dogs, Rambo just wanted a home, but it took time. For over 100 days, he sat in the shelter, watching other dogs get adopted and wondering when it would be his turn.

Sadly, Rambo kept getting passed over until he was the shelter’s longest resident.

But recently, Rambo’s luck finally changed. On July 9 β€” 102 days after he arrived at the shelter β€” The Animal Foundation announced that Rambo had found a home!

A photo shared by the shelter shows a smiling Rambo with his new adopters.

Because he was the longest resident, Rambo’s adoption was the big news of the day β€” but he was far from the only pet adopted from The Animal Foundation.

The Animal Foundation, Nevada’s largest animal shelter, has been operating at capacity, with over 300 adoptable animals, and has been trying to encourage people to adopt a new pet.

So, from July 8 to July 10, the shelter held a “Full House Adoption Event” waiving all adoption fees.

The plan was a big success: the shelter announced that 89 pets were adopted on day 1, and 100 were adopted on day 2.

That’s a huge success β€” not only do these animals get to finally go to good homes, but the shelter will now have room for new intakes.

And best of all, it means even long-waiting dogs like Rambo finally have a home to call their own.

We’re so glad Rambo found a home after over 100 days! Congrats to The Animal Foundation on all these incredible adoptions!

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