Shelter races to save stray dog’s life after kids inject her with cocaine

It’s shocking how cruel some people can be to innocent animals, but luckily there are just as many people willing and ready to step up and save a life.

That was the case for one dog who was reportedly drugged by some kids, and was in terrible condition until some rescuers gave her the help she needed.

In March 2018, ACCT Philadelphia got a call about a local stray dog in desperate need of medical attention.

The dog was found outside a drug house, and officers reported that some kids had injected the dog with drugs. According to CBS Philadelphia, the poor dog tested positive for cocaine and THC.


She was brought to the Faithful Friends Animal Society, a no-kill shelter in Delaware. Due to the drugs she was found “heavily sedated, and minimally responsive.” She also had tremors, and the shelter knew they had to act fast to save her life.

They named the dog Peanut. They gave her fluids and blood work, performed drug tests, and brought her to emergency care. Peanut fought for survival, barely surviving the night.

Luckily, she pulled through. “She made it through the night and showed signs of significant improvements the following morning,” Faithful Friends wrote. “Her tremors have not gone away completely, but she’s now able to stand, walk, eat, and drink.”


They continued to give her the care she needed and monitored her condition. They provided the love and comfort she needed after only receiving abuse as a stray.

Amazingly, Peanut made a full recovery… and even better, she was finally adopted, according to the shelter.


What a happy ending! We’re so happy this dog survived and now has a loving forever home. Thank you to these rescuers for saving this dog from this awful situation!

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