Rescuers race to remove porcupine quill lodged in old dog’s eyelid

It’s always heartbreaking to see an animal in pain. But some people don’t look away—they get to work trying to help the animal as painlessly as possible.

A group called Animal Aid Unlimited, India shared an incredible story of one such rescue.

In October 2016, they got a call about an elderly dog whose eye had been pierced by a porcupine quill.

The good news is the quill just missed the dog’s eyeball, avoiding even worse pain and damage. But the thick quill was still lodged three inches deep into her eyelid.

She needed care fast, and Animal Aid Unlimited got to work.

They sedated the dog to make sure she wouldn’t be in pain, then proceeded to slowly remove the quill from her eye.

With the quill out, they healed the dog, bandaging and disinfecting her wound.

While it must’ve been a painful ordeal for the dog, soon she was better than ever, smiling and enjoying a nice meal from her caregivers.


Watch the video below:

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