Service dog is overjoyed when his favorite stuffed animal comes alive: now watch when he meets Pluto

Service dog is overjoyed when his favorite stuffed animal comes alive: now watch when he meets Pluto

Life has gotten a lot better for Julian Gaviano ever since Atlas entered his life. Julian uses a wheelchair and his service dog Atlas helps him and makes his day-to-day life easier.

But Atlas is so much more than “just” a skilled mobility assistance dog.

He’s also Julian’s best friend!

Meet Julian and Atlas. They’ve known each other since the day Atlas the service dog was given the mission to assist Julian.

The two have been close friends ever since, but Atlas also has another friend whom he also cherishes…

Image: Facebook/Julian Gavino

… Pluto! Atlas sleeps with his favorite stuffed animal every night, Julian tells The Dodo.

Image: Facebook/Julian Gavino

Julian is very grateful to have Altas. The service dog really makes a difference in his life. So recently, Julian began to think. He wanted to do something for his four-legged companion — something that would surprise him and at the same time make him wag his tail the whole day long.

Finally, Julian came up with the perfect surprise: he’d introduce Atlas to the “real” Pluto. And where could he find him, if not at Disney World? That’s why Julian brought his beloved dog to Florida for the weekend.

Atlas was clearly unaware — until Julian set up his big surprise.

Watch this video of the incredible meeting! It’s the most heartwarming thing I’ve seen in a long time.

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“I love to see Atlas have fun. He deserves it after working so hard. Some days he works really long hours so he needs that type of downtime. It’s so important,” Julian tells The Dodo.

Image: Facebook/Julian Gavino

Julian posted several photos from he and Atlas’ day together on a Facebook page for dogs, and many people have praised his thoughtful surprise for his four-legged friend.

Image: Facebook/Julian Gavino

I think Atlas will remember this for a long time to come!

Image: Facebook/Julian Gavino

It’s clear that Julian really appreciates Atlas.

“He’s given me back my independence. He gets my clothes in the morning, helps me get dressed/undressed, opens/closes drawers, opens/closes doors, pulls my wheelchair, wakes me up if I pass out, and retrieves items for me.”

Image: Facebook/Julian Gavino

What a great dog! Service dogs deserve all the love and praise in the world.

I’m so glad Atlas got to have such a wonderful day. Please share the joy with your friends so they can also see this lovely video.

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